Dog returned 4 years after being stolen

Family reunited with dog, four years after she was stolen

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Like something out of a movie, a family in Angier, North Carolina, was reunited with their beloved dog, Nukka, four years after someone stole her from their home. As reported by ABC 11 News, the Husky disappeared from the Hart family’s home while they were away at a dance competition – a neighbor told them that the door to their house was open and their dog was gone.

Finding Nukka

The family immediately began searching for their pet – but she was nowhere to be found. Adding to the mystery, missing dog fliers that were posted in the area were being taken down and someone sent the family a letter letting them know that Nukka was dead.

Josh Hart told the news agency that the note, which was in the mailbox without a postmark, seemed odd, “The letter always struck us…it didn’t seem right. It didn’t feel right.”

Four years later

Fast forward four years – a knock at the Hart family’s front door in November would finally bring welcome closure to the years long mystery. A police officer asked Rachel Hart if they were missing a husky – in disbelief, she answered yes. The officer explained that a woman had confessed to taking the dog, disguising Nukka’s appearance, sending the note and removing the missing dog fliers.

The family is grateful to have their dog back home and they declined pressing charges against the thief, whose identity was not revealed to them.

Exactly how the authorities were made aware of the strange situation was not disclosed…but Nukka is healthy, happy and back home where she belongs.

(Screenshot via ABC 11 News)

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4 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Oh wow! You better believe I would be pressing charges against this Bi**h! You don’t put ME and my family through 4 years of Hell not knowing where my pet is and get away with it! I’m glad Nukka is home though and wish the person who stole her nothing good in their life! .

  2. pennysdachshunds says:

    EXCUSE ME!!! The individual that did this is unstable at the very least!!! What is she going to do when she covets SOMEONE ELSES BELOVED PET!!!! She needs to be held accountable and AT the VERY LEAST SAY “WHY” she did this!!!!!


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