Family retrieved devoted dog who stayed by injured friend’s side – wounded dog still recuperating

Dog injured after being struck by car
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Owners of a devoted dog, who stayed by his injured friend’s side following a car strike, took the healthy dog home, but opted to surrendered the dog who suffered severe injuries. Today, the dog wounded by the car is still recuperating from his massive injuries.

The injured pup is a yellow Labrador retriever named Brennan – he is receiving help thanks to Maxx & Me Pet Rescue, which recounted the situation to Facebook followers earlier this month. The rescue group writes:

Two guys, out on the town, likely prowlin’ for lady friends since they weren’t neutered…. Brennan & Dale were unrestrained, unaltered and unable to stop themselves from seeing what was out there. Through it all, they were together. Unfortunately, on their escapade, Brennan was struck by a car. Dale, devoted to his brother, stayed by his side. Through it all, they stayed together.

Explaining how Dale went home from the Pasco County Animal Services facility, but Brennan did not:

When the owners of these two dogs was notified of their whereabouts, they went to claim them. Upon finding out Brennan was hurt (for reasons only known to them and not ours to judge) they surrendered him to the shelter and Maxx&Me promptly transferred him to our care. Dale, went home with them, without his friend.

That left Brennan, in need, in pain, alone…

Brennan suffered devastating injuries – so bad, in fact, that one veterinarian recommended that he be put down. But the rescue group was determined to raise funds to get Brennan the help that he needed and with surgical help, he is slowly making his way back to normalcy.

On December 20, the rescue group posted a heartwarming update about the strong survivor, writing:

Outfitted with his SuperSuit “Help Em Up Harness”, pain meds, antibiotics, joint supplements, fish oils and omegas, pre and pro biotics, new blanket, new beds, a new cot, and yes… the cone of shame…Brennan began his journey to his new home. His new momma is so loving and immediately embraced him upon their meeting today.

Brennan was his usual self – helpful and accommodating – as we fit and tightened and positioned his harness. He stood patiently and was so strong! The next several weeks will be very quiet for Brennan. For eight weeks he cannot run or bounce or be exuberant. We have a follow up to get his stitches out 12/31. After that, we hope to begin his physical therapy (water therapy most likely!).

His journey is truly just beginning. But we are everso hopeful for his future.

Find Brennan’s rescuers, and follow his journey to recovery, on Facebook here.

Follow the National Animal News Facebook page for more news, updates and petitions.

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