Family moved, leaving three bonded dogs at shelter – will anyone give them a home?

Family moved leaving bonded dogs at shelter
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A New York family recently moved and their dogs were not part of their plans. As a result, three bonded dogs are currently homeless and in need of a new owner who will keep them together.

The Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter has reached out for help in effort to keep the trio together:

You guys – we need your help DESPERATELY. These three dogs are FAMILY, and are VERY BONDED. They were surrendered to us because their owners were moving and not taking them.

According to the shelter, small dogs typically find homes quickly, but nobody seems to want three dogs at once. The shelter writes:

because we are trying to keep them together, no one is interested. We are losing hope. We do not want to separate them, but this is really our last ditch effort to find them ONE HOME because at what point does it become unfair that we are keeping them here? 

Will you please take a moment to help the shelter find a family who will take in these bonded friends who are actually family? The shelter writes:

Rocky (left) is the dad. Surri (middle) is the mom. Princess (right) is their baby.

If you are interested in giving these three, EASY, sweet, friendly dogs ONE loving home, please call us RIGHT AWAY!!! 516-785-5220 or email: [email protected]
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  1. Must NOT be separated! Is there a way to donate to whoever will take all three?



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