Family in mourning – German shepherd beaten to death after escape from yard

shepherd beaten to death after escaping from yard
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A German shepherd was beaten to death after escaping from his yard in Washington Township, Pennsylvania, and the local authorities are looking into possible charges. As reported by WTAE News, the three-year-old shepherd, Otto, escaped from home on Monday night – his family never saw him alive again.

His owner, Paul Zuro, told the news agency that his family searched for him on Monday evning, but he wasn’t discovered until the next morning. Otto was found dead in his own backyard…his face was “smashed in on one side” and there was a blood trail leading to another yard in the neighborhood.

The authorities were called to investigate and found rocks in the yard where the blood trail began. Zuro is heartbroken that his dog is dead, and that he suffered before dying. He told the news agency, “I would have felt better if the dog had gotten shot – he would have died, just immediately, but the dog suffered.”

The police have identified a suspect in the case and charges may be forthcoming.

(Screenshot of Otto via WTAE News)

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  1. Not sure the police could stop me from killing the person who beat my baby to death. And then to throw it back in my yard leaving a blood trail back to you. Yep I am afraid you better stay in jail or in really good hiding.

  2. What a weirdo sick piece of shit. MAKE SURE ALL the neighbors know what he did. Hopefully he will be charged with everything authorities can charge him with.

  3. It appears Otto’s killer is a
    neighbour. This person is the persona of pure evil. A gutless wonder who would beat a young GSD to death. This murderer is a danger to all of society.Not sure of the laws there but I am sure like most places they are weak. I hope Otto’s family finds justice.

  4. It doesn’t sound to me like Otto escaped, but was led out, killed, then returned so his family wouldn’t realize who did it.

    I’m with everyone else here: if someone did this to my dog, the cops had better take him before I got my hands on him. He’d be a lot safer behind bars.

  5. If they know who did this then there should be no “charges MAY be forthcoming”. This POS needs to be put away. I’m with Pat up above, I don’t know if I could be stopped from killing the POS that killed my baby either! May they rot in Hell!


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