Family heartbroken to find neighbor’s skeletal horse near death

Skeletal horse starved to death
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A family in Greenville, South Carolina, was heartbroken to find their neighbor’s horse near death. In fact, the children who found the skin and bones horse on the ground told their mother that the horse was dead, reports WYFF News.

Tragically, the horse was still alive…but ultimately would not survive the horrible state of starvation. Kimberly Micke, the children’s mother, told the news agency, “My kids come running in saying ‘mommy the horse is dead!’ I said what are you talking about? We assumed the horse was dead but it raised its head to look back up at us and then looked back down.”

Micke is upset that it took the Greenville County Animal Control 10 hours to respond to the situation…the horse was too far gone to have been saved, but she could have been put out of her misery.

The horse’s owner, John Rayley of Marietta, is facing a charge of animal cruelty – he plans to plead guilty. Rayley told the news agency that he knew his horse was dying, but felt that she deserved to live out the remainder of her life, “as comfortable as he could afford to make.”

(Screenshot of horse via WYFF)

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  1. I am absolutely heartbroken and crying as I write this note, thinking of her suffering…….. OMG: How absolutely disgusting…… this did NOT happen overnight……. if you see an animal that doesn’t look “right”, PLEASE SPEAK UP!!!

    We had a horse go through chemotherapy and whilst he didn’t beat his throat cancer, he NEVER looked like this poor horsebaby…… Precious treasure, I am very sorry that your human failed you so horribly……. I know you are in Heaven. Please look for Sailor (a bay gelding) who will show you the best grazing and most scenic trails.

    This POS owner has a reserved spot in Hell where he will burn forever for his cruelty……

  2. If you think starving to death is “comfortable”, you are a freaking idiot! I hope the authorities follow up with a massive fine and jail time.


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