Dog killed by SWAT team

Family awarded huge settlement after their dog was killed by SWAT team

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The family of a dog who was slain by a St. Louis County Police Department SWAT Team has been awarded a huge settlement by the county. According to the St. Louis Dispatch, the Zorich family has been awarded $750,000 for the killing of their four-year-old pit bull, Kiya.

Kiya was shot and killed in April 2014 when officers busted into Angela Zorich’s home while executing a search warrant for an unpaid gas bill. The fatal shooting was defended by officers who claim that Kira charged – but her owner has stated that the dog was killed “instantaneously” when the SWAT team broke through the door.

The case was heard in front of a jury, and in the end, the county opted to settle with the Zorich’s for $750,000. After the county agreed to settle, Angela Zorich stated:

They know what they did wrong. That money sends a message. The trial showed exactly what happened.”

(screenshot of slain dog, Kiya)

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Temper tantrum!

4 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Good for these people! They stood up for what was right and won. Maybe the police will think twice before they blatantly kill another dog! The police tend to shoot first and then make excuses, at least they didn’t get away with it this time!

  2. Larry says:

    Is this story accurate? The SWAT team broke through a door for an unpaid gas bill? The county got off easy. The officers responsible for shooting that dog should be fired at a minimum and, if there is any justice in this situation, should also face charges for felony animal cruelty. Barkley’s Mom is right; too many cops shoot first and make up excuses later. Cops who shoot dogs because (as they claim) they feel threatened are nothing but cowards. Very few dogs actually pose a serious threat to anyone. Dogs are protective of their people by nature. They bark but that doesn’t mean they will attack. In addition to the cash settlement by the county, hold these SOB’s personally accountable.


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