Evil thug sent to prison for battering dog to death in front of children

An evil thug has been sentenced to prison for 18 months after committing an eight-year campaign of violence against children including animal cruelty. John Robertson, 41, of Auchinieck, Ayrshire in Scotland was found guilty of seven assault charges including killing a bulldog named Gus.

According to the Scottish Sun, Robertson had been standing behind a door when the dog ran in when the man bludgeoned the dog to death with a rolling pin. Children screamed as the 6’2″ Robertson laughed at his heinous deed. A victim of the cruel assault stated Robertson used his size to intimidate and bully others.

During his numerous assaults, Robertson admitted to slapping the children, pinning them to the wall and punching them, including a one-year-old baby.

Victims are angry that Robertson’s sentence was not longer and fear for their lives after the convicted felon is released from prison.

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  1. Larry says:

    Eighteen months? This asshole shoud go away for 18 years at a minimum. It won’t be long before he kills some person, probably a kid since he is obviously such a low-life coward. The post said he uses his size to intimidate people. His size can be considered;y reduced by cutting his balls off. Find half a dozen guys his size larger and let them beat the crap out of him until he can’t move. Put him in a wheelchair for there rest of his miserable life see how tough he is then. And, oh yeah, knock all of his teeth out so he can exist on a liquid diet forever. Maybe then he will blow his own brains out and the whole problem will be solved to everyone’s satisfaction.

  2. Jan Barnes says:




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