Even in acute pain, bonded stray dogs needed to be together

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Stray pups dubbed Freddie and Fozzie had been scavenging around a mobile home park in the Inland Empire in East Los Angeles for over a year. One of the residents of the park has been leaving food and water out for all the strays and tried her best to keep watch over them.

On Sunday night, the Good Samaritan noticed Fozzie dragging his hind legs and seemingly paralyzed in his entire rear quarter. Not knowing what to do, the woman posted on Facebook and asked for help rescuing the ailing pup. Local animal rescuer Faith Easdale and her team with DreamFetchers Rescue responded to the call.

“Faith and her team got out there Sunday evening, and managed to trap both dogs just after midnight. A neighbor put out a bed for them, and they both climbed in. Then Faith was able to get close, and Freddie would not leave Fozzie, so she got him on a slip-lead first. Then she got Fozzie, because he could not really get away.”

Fozzie had either been hit by a car or kicked by someone. Both dogs were transferred to the organization’s emergency veterinarian; Fozzie was not only paralyzed but in obvious pain. Medications were given and acupuncture was applied in an attempt to mitigate the pain.

“Freddie had to be put in the cage next to him. Initially he was left in the lobby, but he absolutely went crazy!! The vet even said, seriously, that he is worried that if Fozzie dies, Freddie will die too, from a broken heart.”

Both dogs have been transferred to DreamFetcher’s veterinarian, where more information will be made available. The concern is a serious spinal issue, but for now the costs continue to rise. Radiographs confirmed no broken bones, but have not ruled out ruptured discs.

To help with Fozzie and Freddie, please click here.

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