Escaped yak won’t come back

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In Livingston, Virginia, a yak that had been on his way to a butcher shop, escaped into the mountains and has successfully avoided his captors despite the temptation of treats offered to him. On Tuesday,  the yak named Meteor, is still on the run, and has become a local celebrity.

According to WsetNews, Meteor had been riding in the back of a trailer from Buckingham when he walked out of the trailer as the driver stopped before merging into traffic. Meteor crossed the busy highway and headed for the mountains.

The yak’s owner, Robert Cissell and the Nelson County Animal control have been searching for Meteor for a week. Nature’s Bridge Farm, where Meteor was raised posted the following on their Facebook page (in part)

“When you’re a small family farm working hard day in and day out to raise clean, healthy food in a humane environment, this is a major loss. The story is not so funny then.

We’re not a billion-dollar, taxpayer-subsidized multinational corporation which loses more animals to sickness and mistreatment in a day than we will see in our lifetime. We are a husband and a wife, a father and a mother working to raise our children to know the value of hard work and sacrifice, to heal and regenerate the land we call our home, and to give our livestock the best life we can.

We will continue the search for Meteor, to bring him home to the herd again. We no longer plan to take him in for slaughter. Our farm will suffer a substantial financial hit for this decision, but his newfound celebrity and the international attention would make anything else akin to killing Bambi. We will double down, work harder, longer, and smarter, and will overcome this.”

Nelson County Animal Control Office Kevin Wright has already tried twice to tranquilize Meteor, but the feisty animal obviously has no intentions of becoming hamburger meat. Wright said Meteor has stayed away from the roads, and at this time he is not a public danger. There are no plans to kill him.

“He’s a great looking animal, but he’s not a pet. Don’t try to approach him. He won’t approach you; he’s in a strange environment so it’s best to call the sheriff’s office if you do see him,” Cissell said.

Best of luck Meteor. We are glad your owner said you will not be slaughtered.

“Meteor’s loss will be hard, but the challenges our friends face are so much more. If you feel inclined to give, we ask you to give to her fund in Meteor’s name. Meteor will make it home and grow to a ripe old unstressed age. We can ensure that. We ask you to help another incredibly giving human being receive that same opportunity.”

Check out Meteor’s video (David Boor FB)

Not something you see everyday in downtown Lovingston, Virginia. “THE YAK ATTACK” Thank you Rick Harveyand Lovingston Virginia Farm Bureau office folks for keeping an eye out so it wouldnt get on Rt. 29.

Posted by David Boor on Wednesday, September 11, 2019

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