Emotional reunion, four years after dog’s disappearance

An emotional reunion
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A man and his dog experienced an emotional reunion at an animal shelter in Winnipeg, Manitoba, four years after the dog’s disappearance. The dog’s owner, Mike Plas, shared the amazing situation in a public Facebook post on September 21, writing:

So I got the greatest phone call I’ve ever gotten yesterday at work around 2:40 pm…. an animal shelter from Winnipeg called me and ask my name and if I had a dog named jack!? So I said I lost him 4 years ago in Ontario. And then they said well we got your info from his microchip and he’s here in Winnipeg.

Plas and family members made the trek to the shelter where Jack was being held – he writes of suddenly feeling as if all was right in the world again:

They brought him out and instantly felt like my life was back to normal. Life without him has never been the same and the feeling of having Jacko back is unexplainable. Never EVER lose hope…. I didn’t and after 4 years apart in different provinces we are together again.

Be sure your pets have a microchip AND that the information on that chip is up to date with current contact information.

Watch the emotional reunion below:

(Image via Facebook/Mike Plas – video via YouTube/CBS)

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  1. It always amazes me when I read a story like this, how did the dog get so far away? Where has he been, where has he been living. I’m happy for this family, not knowing what happened to your pet is a heartache that stays with you.


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