Dog euthanized after testing positive for Covid-19

Emaciated ‘Lady’ called a piece of cardboard her bed

Meet “Lady.” The emaciated and severely neglected dog wore a collar, but that was long ago. She was found curled up on a piece of cardboard on the side of a building; that had become her bed. Mexico had been her home.

According to the  Saving Huey Foundation, an animal advocacy organization based in Winchester, California, Lady’s rescue efforts began on Friday when she was picked up from the side of that building and rushed to a veterinarian for treatment.


“There are times when I want to throw in the towel because I’ve lost all faith in humanity and anything else good that I have ever believed in,” Tracy Lystra, president of the Saving Huey Foundation posted on the organization’s Facebook page.

There are times I want to delete who I am and start over living life as a selfish a**h*** that can ignore the suffering of other living beings.”

Lady is covered in Sarcoptic mange – a highly contagious skin disease found caused by the scabiei mite. These mites will burrow through the skin causing intense itching and irritation. The scratching that results is what causes the majority of the dog’s hair to fall out.

“If you’ve never had it, trust me when I say you don’t want it. Imagine hundreds upon hundreds of tiny mites burrowing into your skin. It itches like hell and then stings like hell when you scratch. You will rub yourself raw and bloody attempting to appease the itch, and you won’t win,” Tracy continued.


In addition to the mange, Lady suffers from open wounds on her legs accompanied by pressure sores from sitting since she is no more than a walking skeleton. Maggots crawl in and out of her sores.

“Lady had a collar on so at some point she belonged to someone which will make her ability to trust me that much more difficult for the both of us.”

Now at the veterinarian hospital, Lady has been administered antibiotic injections, pain medications and a treatment plan to help her skin infections. At this point, the dog is not strong enough to travel to the United States and will remain with her rescuer for the next few days.

” I cringe at the thought of another bill, but again my conscientious wouldn’t allow me to say ‘no’ to helping her.”

Updates to follow as soon as the results of Lady’s blood tests are known.

If you like to make a donation to Lady’s care, donation info is as follows…

•PayPal –
•Donate Button at the top of our page or ( or at the bottom of this post.
•Online –
•Venmo – @savinghueyfoundation
•Zelle –
•Cash App – $SavingHueyFoundation
•Mail – Saving Huey Foundation, 40565 Lake Riverside Dr. Aguanga, CA 92536
•Vet Call In – Not available until Lady makes it to the U.S.

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