Elderly dog attends funeral for final good-bye

Elderly dog found guarding deceased owner attends funeral for final good-bye

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On Friday morning, an elderly dog who was discovered standing guard over her deceased guardian was allowed to say her final good-byes at the man’s funeral. The Labrador retriever, named Sam, was taken to her human dad’s funeral by 1 Day Ranch, the rescue group which took her in after her person’s death.

The rescue agency informed Facebook followers about Sam’s attendance in a post after the funeral ended:

This morning we had the privilege of escorting Sam to her dad’s funeral. She wanted to look nice, so she wore a pretty pink scarf… she was very excited to see her friend Philip, and was slightly confused but happy when she met Arthur’s brother who flew in for the service (we think maybe he smells like Arthur).

We allowed her to see Arthur one last time when they opened the casket… she was interested at first, she definitely recognized his face… but it was different from before, she knew that he was no longer there.

And also expressed gratitude for being allowed to take Sam for that last farewell:

We were very thankful that we were able to take her to this today… We didn’t know Arthur, but we have learned a lot about him in the last week… and we hope he is comforted knowing his girl is safe and loved. Sam is now back at the ranch and taking a nap…. this morning took a lot out of her, but we think she was glad she was able to go. ❤️

Read the original article about Sam here.

(Image of Sam via 1 Day Ranch)

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3 replies
  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    OUR COUNTRY; OUR FLAG; RED WHITE & BLUE FLYING ACROSS THE MILES AND MILES OF A COUNTRY PROUD AND FREE! PEOPLE who never knew Author taking his devoted dog to see him one last time!!! 1 Day Ranch and Sam Our Freedom, Devotion , Dedication, Accountability , of the TRUE AMERICAN’s : Is what EVERYTHING is all About!!! I am proud and stand tall: that I was BORN HERE and have spent my 70 years trying to help make life what it should be… Thank You 1 DAY RANCH Please make sure Sam is taken care of and loved as she was prior to her loss!!

  2. Darla G says:

    Tears of happiness that Sam was able to go to her dad’s funeral; tears of sadness that she lost her best friend.


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