Elderly dog adopted by Luke Bryan’s family has passed away

Luke Bryan's elderly dog has passed away
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The “kindest of souls” has passed away. Country music star, Luke Bryan, and his wife Caroline, adopted the 18-year-old dog, Poochie, from Nashville’s Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue earlier this month.

Caroline alerted her Instagram followers to the passing of Poochie on February 20 – she wrote:

“If the kindest souls were rewarded with the longest lives, dogs would outlive us all.” ♥️ My heart is sad but full to post this..our sweet Prince Poochie has passed away. He lived 18 years and was loved by so many people. My kids especially loved to hear him snore when he slept! Thank you.”

And she thanked the rescue group for allowing her family the opportunity to love the sweet, old dog.

The rescue organization had taken the elderly dog in from a dog shelter and they intended to provide him with hospice foster care until his life ended…but the Bryans ran across his information on social media and everything changed. As soon as they met him, the decision to give him a permanent home, with their family, was made.

Rest in peace Poochie.

Be like the Bryans – adopt, don’t shop!

(Screenshot of Poochie sleeping via Instagram)

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  1. Rest in peace Poochie, you were loved. My sincere condolences to Luke Bryan and his family for their loss of this sweet old man.

  2. This is AWESOME:::: to be able to have a loving family petting and loving on him, a comfortable warm bed, laughter, hugs, kisses and The Feeling of Security!!!! The Luke Bryan Family is VERY VERY SPECIAL!!!!! Poochie passed KNOWING HE WAS LOVED and CHERISHED !!!

  3. Thank you, Luke and family! You are truly “gifts” to animals!
    Please encourage others to share their love of animals. Hoping
    one day, if and when you are ready, you will adopt another pet.
    I have a feeling Luke would want you to share his love and joy
    with another!

  4. SO grateful he was blessed to have known the loving comfort of their home – for whatever brief time – at the end of his life… the best memory that will accompany him across the Bridge!


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