Elderly deaf dog

Elderly, deaf dog surrendered – now she is too sad to eat at crowded shelter

An elderly, deaf dog is so stressed and sad at the busy New York city animal shelter where she was surrendered, that she has stopped eating. The 13-year-old poodle, named Lola, was reported to be friendly and outgoing at her home, but now she is withdrawn and stressed at the Brooklyn Animal Care Center.

On Sunday, the Facebook page, Must Love Dogs-Saving NYC Dogs, writes:

THIS pup NEEDS us RIGHT NOW** Precious little Lola is a DEAF little Poodle mix Golden Girl STRESSED & NOT EATING in shelter, who NEEDS OUT ASAP !!! HELP !

Lola lost her family when her owner became homeless. Saving NYC Dogs writes:

Her owner lost her home, & so did little Lola. In the home she was friendly, outgoing, respectful with kids & playful with other pups & CATS too. Housebroken, well-behaved, this sweet girl waits for you to get her out of the Brooklyn, NY ACC today!

Helping Lola

You can help this elderly dog find a new home by sharing her adoption information.

Fosters and adopters:

If you CANNOT get to the shelter OR the dog is not in public adoptions (New Hope Rescue Only):
PRIVATE MESSAGE our Must Love Dogs – Saving NYC Dogs page or email MustLoveDogsNYC@gmail.com for assistance with applications.

Identification: Lola 83319

Facebook thread here.

Follow the National Animal News Facebook page for more news, updates and petitions.

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