Man arrested for duct-taped dog

Duct-taped dog, thrown out in the cold, reunited with owner

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A duct-taped dog, thrown into a ditch in freezing temperatures last weekend, has been reunited with his owner. According to multiple sources, the dog, whose real name is Flick, was back in his owner’s arms on Friday.

Dog abandoned in ditch with duct tape

Ivan Animal Hospital, which had been caring for the rescued dog (initially dubbed Jimmy), informed Facebook followers about the reunion on Friday:

We were waiting to get Jimmy’s owners consent before we made a public post. His owner told us he had broken his leg in the past and we got his previous x-rays and took new x-rays this morning and they matched up perfectly. We can assure you that this is his real owner and she was in tears exited to see him this morning to verify it was actually him.


When she sat down on the ground he walked right up to her and had all the tail wags. Then he plopped down right in front of her and started whining because he was so excited.

As reported by Fox 2 News,  Kaitlynn Kofron has been identified as the dog’s owner – she commented on her guilt over what happened to her pet:

“I felt hopeless, sorry, like it was my fault. It was my fault for letting him out without a leash.”

According to Kofron, Flick disappeared moments after being let outside.

Arrest made

A man has been arrested in this disturbing animal cruelty case.  39-year-old Paul Garcia, a man who lives near Kofron, was arrested and charged with animal abuse and armed criminal action. As reported by the St. Louis Dispatch, Garcia allegedly threw the duct-taped dog out of a car window in Jefferson County on Saturday. The dog was discovered by a deputy approximately 12 hours later.

The police were able to make an arrest after pulling Garcia’s fingerprints from the duct tape that was removed from the dog.

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Would you be uneasy?

9 replies
    • Barkley's Mom says:

      How right you are, I know dogs can get lost, but letting them out without supervision or in a secure fenced in yard, is just asking for trouble. There are always POS’s like this one lurking just waiting to get their hands on an innocent anima!

  1. Gizmos Mommy says:

    I would need bail money if this were my pup. Lots of bail money. What a sick fat fuck who did that. Let’s see some justice now for flick. Any judge listening to me? Throw that fat fuck in jail for as long as possible. Then “it” can be bubbas bitch.

  2. Adrienne says:

    So glad Flick is back with his owner and although she truly regrets letting him out without a leash, that will never happen again. She truly loves her dog and it is obvious Flick adores her. This vile monster looks like an MS 13 upstanding citizen with the tattoo by his eye. Hope he gets a lot of jail time or better yet, if here illegally, send back from where he came.

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    The teardrop tattoo’s at the left eye are “gang” related and prison So The Bastard that did this to that little dachshund Was an EVIL BASTARD from the beginning… Why in the world would he do that… my thoughts he was going to try and break in and Rob and hurt the Female Owner and We all know how OUR LITTLE DACHSHUNDS ARE the BARKERS THAT DEMAND ATTENTION!!!! So Thankful he was still alive….

  4. Pamela D says:

    Yes the owner shouldn’t have let this dog outside without supervision, however I believe she learned a lesson. Lucky the dog is alive because of this low life scum bag prisoner need to send him back to Mexico so he can dig his own grave, but first duct tape his mouth and bound his arms and legs. Rot and die sucker scum of the earth and rot with cancer.

  5. vicki Hood says:

    Great police work—Thankyou a hundred times over. To get fingerprints from the tape was outstanding. Hope the judge nails this sewer scum and gives him to Bubba.


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