Drunk teenage girls post viral video abusing neighbor’s pet snake

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In Aberdeen Center in Scotland, two drunk teenage girls admitted to animal cruelty on Monday, after a video they posted went viral showing them abusing a neighbor’s three-year-old boa constrictor named Esmeralda.

Frankie-Jane Kane and Yasmin Walker, known as Doherty, both 19-years-old were convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to Esmeralda. The Snapchat video, also posted on Facebook, showed the young women inebriated and laughing hysterically as they tormented and abused the four-foot reptile.

According to the Daily Record, the snake had escaped from a high rise where he lived, and the girls just happened to spot it. And that’s when the inexcusable torment of the helpless creature began. The video showed the teens throwing the snake across the street.

“Hello little snakey snakey,” one of the teens slurred. “Let me pick it up,” and then she grabbed it and spun it around in circles before throwing it for the second time.

The women laughed as they left – leaving the snake suffering on the concrete sidewalk. The dying snake was found and turned over to the police by a Good Samaritan. Esmeralda was sent to a rescue, but did not survive.

The snakes owner, Robert Norman, had no idea Esmeralda escaped and when he came home searched for her in his apartment. He was distraught when he found out how she suffered – just for laughs.

Rest in peace Esmeralda.

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5 replies
  1. Linda says:

    I hope someone puts them in a snake pit, so they know how it felt to be abused. I have no sympathy for these girls for whatever karma they get.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Swing these vile monsters around several times then make sure they hit the wall each time until they have brain damage (if they even have a brain).

  3. pennysdachshunds says:

    I AM “”NOT” a fan of Any Reptile and would never touch one!!! Other’s such as this snakes master love the Reptile Species !!! REGARDLESS THESE “TWO ROTTEN SPOILED DEVIA’S” NEED To be Held in Contempt and NOT JUST RECEIVE A “TAP ON THEIR EVIL WRIST'”!!!! NEXT in their Drunken Crime spree the may assult and kill a homeless person! Child! Elder!! to get their KICKS & GIGGLES!!! evil little DEVIATES!!!!

  4. Jan Barnes says:

    ANYONE who tortures ANY ANIMAL deserves the MAXIMUM PUNISHMENT! What these BITCHES REALLY DESERVE is a date with some PYTHONS and COBRAS!


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