Drugs, weapons and 42 pit bulls seized from convicted felon’s property

Convicted felon found with drugs, dogs and weapons
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Officials in York, South Carolina, arrested a convicted felon and seized 42 pit bulls, drugs and weapons from his residence. As reported by the Herald Online, 49-year-old Anthoni Latoranodo Orr, who spent years in prison for dog fighting, is facing a new slew of charges after an investigation revealed over 65 violations of York County’s animal laws.

A total of 42 pit bulls were seized last Thursday from property outside of Rock Hill – the dogs were chained to buried car axles. The dogs are believed to be part of a dog-fighting operation – they have been taken in by the York County Animal Control.

According to a news release via the York County Sheriff’s Office, Orr was served with 75 warrants of animal fighting or baiting act penalty, ill treatment of animals, violation of county ordinance, trafficking ice crack cocaine, weapons violations, and other drug violations.

This is a good example of Animal Control and the York County Sheriff’s Office working together to protect our community and animals,” said Sheriff Kevin Tolson.

Orr is being held in the York County Detention Center on a $150,225 bond.

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