Driver never stopped after striking puppy leaving her to suffer until help came

In the Rio Grande Valley of Texas,  four-month-old Miracle was struck by a car. Instead of the driver stopping to render aid to the suffering puppy or calling the authorities on Sunday, that heartless person drove away. Severely injured Miracle painfully crawled to the side of the road and waited to die.

Fortunately, a Good Samaritan spotted the pup and through a network of dedicated animal rescuers was able to make contact with Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. Co-founder of the organization, Stacey Silverstein, pieced the painful story together:

“We just got a call to help this sweet puppy who was hit by a car, left on the side of the road with a broken jaw. She’s not conscious and in shock; blood is pouring out of her mouth. Animal control was called, but we got to the scene first and had her immediately picked up and transported to the Emergency Hospital of life saving medical care,” Stacey posted on the group’s Facebook page.

Please note the video and the comments had been posted prior to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC having been contacted and were taken by the person who found Miracle. Once notified, the puppy was rushed to Pet Dr 911 in McAllen.

WARNING: Video is extremely graphic and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences.

“We have named her Miracle , because she needs one.”
Please Help Miracle

Updates to follow.

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