Dogs and cats seized from neglectful conditions at rescue agency

Dozens of neglected dogs and cats removed from rescue group

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Dogs and cats who were supposed to be receiving care with a rescue agency have been removed because of conditions described as “deplorable.” The seizure took place this week at Eden Rehab and Rescue in Elkton, Maryland.

According to multiple sources, in early January, the authorities received a tip that animals at the rescue agency were being neglected. In a county news release, details about the situation were recounted:

On January 23rd, the animals were found to be in deplorable conditions at an Elkton location including limited access to fresh water, unkept litter boxes, strong ammonia fumes, and kennels saturated in feces and urine. Many of the animals were found to be emaciated, possessed hair loss, and had open sores on their bodies. This resulted in the seizure of 22 dogs and 26 cats.

The animals removed from the rescue group have been taken to the local animal care shelter for “medical, behavioral, and enrichment therapy.”

Abigail Lightning-Bingham, director and chief of the Cecil County Animal Services (CCAS), commented:

It is our duty to speak up for those that cannot speak for themselves. These animals did not ask to be put in this dire situation and were in grave need of care. We are anxious to rehabilitate these innocent victims and are committed to protecting them from any future suffering at the hands of a rescue organization that failed them.

County Executive Alan McCarthy added:

I commend our staff at Animal Services for their commitment to serving and protecting these innocent creatures. I shudder to think of what could have happened to these animals had our team not jumped in when they did. Animal neglect and abuse is not something that will be tolerated in Cecil County.

Consider donating

Caring for the seized animals takes money. Anyone interested in making a donation can do so at this link. Or, checks can be made out to the Cecil County Community Services Foundation and mailed to 3280 Augustine Herman Hwy, Chesapeake City, Maryland 21915.

Additionally, the following items may be dropped off at the shelter:

Pedigree Dry Dog Food
Pedigree Canned Dog Food
Purina Cat Chow
Canned cat food (any variety)
Purina Busy Bones
Fleece Blankets
Canned Pumpkin
Kongs and Nylabones


The investigation is ongoing – charges of animal neglect are pending against the founder of the organization.

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  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    THIS SO! SO! disgusting !!! THIS is also A THING I have see so MUCH in the last few YEARS ::; so Many PEOPLE are USING the GUISE of they have an animal rescue ::::: the animals suffer like this PHONEY RESCUE and the ASSHOLES that ARE TRUE DEVIATE ‘s are LIVING ON THE DONATIONS. I HOPE THESE little harmless animal’s can find good and loving homes To MAKE UP FOE what they have been thru!!!


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