Downtrodden mom needs somewhere safe to raise her puppies

Downtrodden, neglected mom needs somewhere safe to raise her puppies

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A downtrodden, neglected new mother is in desperate need of somewhere safe to raise her newborn puppies. This weekend, the volunteer-run Facebook page, Focus on Furever, wrote:

Pearl and her 10 newborns

Still nothing for Pearl. She is waiting for someone to give her someplace quiet to raise her family.

It is readily apparent that Pearl has not been treated with kindness – her body screams of neglect and the fact that she got pregnant and wound up alone in a busy animal control agency proves that no one really cared about her at all.

Now she and her young family need help – an animal control facility is no place for newborn puppies, who could contract a fatal illness.

Please help Pearl find a reputable rescue group (for herself and her babies) by sharing her information.

Located at Corpus Christi Animal Care Services, 2626 Holly Road, Corpus Christi, TX

Interested in helping? Please email for more information.

Please join us in spreading a message of love and kindness. We hope to someday see a world free from cruelty!

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2 replies
  1. Jan Barnes says:

    OMG! ALL mothers should empathize and relate to this CRITICAL situation.
    Probably donations would seriously help!

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    Does anyone have contacts at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah? Or Frosted Faces based in San Diego, CA?

    I have heard of 2 other groups that take on challenging cases: Rescue Dogs Rock (East Coast placements from other areas) and No Paws Left Behind (I think they are based in Southern California)…… I wish I knew specific people to contact from these groups…..


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