Don’t be so quick to judge: Sam’s bucket list on his last day

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On Saturday, a neighbor in the Houston, Texas area posted a photo of a dog in his backyard; the dog’s name was Sam. Tragically there was no doubt that Sam was in terrible condition, and both the police and animal control were called to the family’s home.

For days, Sam’s family was harassed, called names and endured call after call demanding to see Sam. Rescuers wanted to help however, and when they went out to the home, the man (Samuel) ordered the kind people to leave. The rescuers persisted, and it wasn’t long before Amanda and Kaleb were able to meet Sam and his two other dogs.

Don’t be so quick to judge.

“Sam was 14 years old. He belonged to Samuel’s parents, who rescued and had multiple pets, and who both passed away recently. Samuel not only had to re-home all of the other pets, but he had to deal with both funeral arrangements, and on top of that, he was harassed for neglecting Sam. All because someone took a picture and couldn’t find out the story before publicly posting it along with the address,” animal advocate Laura Jean posted on Facebook.

The senior dog was full of tumors; the largest one sitting on his bladder. He also suffered from diabetes, couldn’t control his bowels, and it was difficult for him to walk, breathe and eat. Sam’s sight was failing, and this poor old guy missed his family so much and was having trouble dealing with the loss.

“He was once full of so much life, and I would have loved to have seen him as a puppy with so much energy,” the rescuer continued. “But he lived a long and happy 14 years.”

And on Saturday, as Kaleb and Amanda met Sam, they knew it was time for Sam to be put to rest, and as much as rescuers want to give every dog a chance to live just one more month, one more week or one more day, sometimes there’s no fight left. Same was ready to cross  the Rainbow Bridge.

Posted by Laura Jean on Monday, September 23, 2019

The couple asked Samuel (the human) what they could do; he had been putting off the decision to euthanize his dog because he was all he had left of his parents. Everything happened so suddenly, and Sam had only been with him for the last few months. The man’s funds were limited after paying for his parents’ funerals; Kaleb and Amanda offered to pay for Sam’s euthanasia and cremation.

“He wanted to do it at home, where Sam was comfortable. He wanted to be there with him.”

Plans did change, but Kaleb and Amanda would be there for Sam every step of the way during his transition.

Don’t be so quick to judge.

It wasn’t over yet, and Sam’s short bucket list quickly came to fruition. Samuel walked Sam out of the house and quietly said goodbye. Sam didn’t know anyone, but it was love at first sight for four kind people who fell in love with Sam the moment they all met.

“Sam enjoyed a puppy latte, vanilla ice cream, chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers and french fries. We sat at a park for a few minutes by some water. He sunbathed and got so many pets. We didn’t stop telling him how much of a good boy he was. We ultimately arrived at VERGI.”

Sam ate his last cheeseburger, and as soon as he finished his last french fry he slipped off quietly. He left this world with a full belly and four people who loved him.

Posted by Laura Jean on Monday, September 23, 2019

“Amanda held his head in her arms and he slowly drifted off. The room quickly became quiet and cold. The fight was over. He was no longer sick. He was finally with his humans again. A piece of all our hearts left with him. And we will never forget yesterday.


While nobody should be able to play God, we are at peace. Sam is at peace. Samuel is at peace.”

Rest in peace Sam. There are heroes everywhere; sometimes we just need to sit still and listen. Many thanks Sam’s heroes.

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