Dogs that killed shelter cats have been put down

Dogs responsible for 29 shelter cat deaths have been put down

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Two dogs who were responsible for the death of 29 cats at an Alabama animal shelter have been put down. As reported by ABC News, the dogs, who belonged to Kenneth Hamilton, were euthanized last week after Hamilton relinquished them.

The dogs had been picked up as strays before being taken to the Dothan Animal Shelter. During the night, they managed to force their way out of chain link fencing and proceeded to fatally maul the cats.

The dogs’ ability to break out of the enclosure they were in has been blamed on the age and condition of the shelter. Animal welfare advocates are pushing for a new shelter to be built, but funds have not yet been allocated towards the construction of a new facility.

Prior article about this tragic incident here.

(Stock image via Pixabay)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    So two dogs now have lost their lives because of the irresponsible shelter that didn’t know enough to contain the dogs and cats properly so they couldn’t get to each other. This shelter should be shut down, they aren’t fit to house animals if this is what can happen.


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