Dog’s adopter never showed up and now he’s on death row

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In San Antonio, Texas, a now not-so-happy five-year-old Akita almost had a happy life. At the shelter, Saigo had a pending adoption; volunteers, staff and especially Saigo were just so excited to leave for a promised lifetime full of love and fun experiences.

Unfortunately, the dog’s adopter decided not to take him because Saigo is heartworm positive. And so he waits on death row – past his release date, in an overcrowded shelter and where he could be euthanized for space.

Heartworm disease in most affected dogs can be successfully treated. Medications often involve multiple drugs to kill the adult heartworms, doxycycline and prednisone taken orally to reduce the chances of unwanted side effects and heartworm preventative to kill the young heartworms. Severe cases may involve surgery.

Notes from the shelter:

“Saigo is the fluffiest Akita you’ll find. With the sassiest head tilts and puffiest ears. Saigo loves treats, pets and walks around the yard. He gets along with dogs, is not reactive and walks well on leash.”


I am a male, brown and black Akita blend.

The shelter staff think I am about 5 years old.

I was found and am currently at San Antonio Animal Care Services. If you are my owner please make arrangements to pick me up between 11am and noon on 11/25/2019 or immediately head down to our shelter to reclaim. For owner reclaim questions: email [email protected] or call 210-207-6662.

I will need confirmed adoption, foster or rescue placement by 10am on 11/26/2019.

Questions regarding adoptions: Email [email protected] or call 210-207-6666.

Questions regarding foster or rescue: Email [email protected] or call 210-207-6669.

Check out his video:

For more information about this animal, visit San Antonio Animal Care Services
Ask for information about animal ID number: A557075.

Share Saigo’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook for the latest animal related news.

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