Dog would not leave front door of her abandoned home

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In Houston, Texas, a heartbroken dog would not leave the front door of her abandoned home. The gentle Mastiff hoped her family would return, and so she waited – sleeping on an old mattress. Her hip and back leg hurt; she could barely walk, but soon she would be back with her humans, and they would care for her and make her feel better.

Sadly, it would seem as if her family had driven away; Sophie’s loyalty may have been enduring, but apparently the love and responsibility was not mutual.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC rescued Sophie and transported her to the organization’s partner New York City Specialty Hospital for continued medical care. Her prognosis remains unknown at this time, although her CAT scan  results are deeply concerning.

“We suspect she was abandoned due to her severe medical condition. Her face just makes you want to melt,” stated Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

“Yesterday she had a CT scan, and today she needs another bone biopsy. Our medical team is extremely concerned that Sophie may have cancer and is not convinced it’s an infection like we previously thought.

The additional biopsy we hope will give us definitive answers on why Sophie’s pelvic bone has disintegrated as can be seen on the following photo.”

Our hearts break for Sophie. The pictures here tell her story.

More than $5,000 has already been spent on Sophie’s most recent medical care. To help:


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