Dog with two mouths

Dog with two mouths finds special home and inspires formation of rescue group

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An incredibly unique dog, born with two mouths, found a wonderful home and inspired the creation of a rescue group in Oklahoma. Toad may be different than most dogs – with one normal mouth, one mouth where an ear should be, and another almost normal ear, but she is an otherwise typical pup who loves to be loved.

Three years ago Toad found her place in the world with Heather Hernandez and she inspired the formation of Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue in Oklahoma. As reported by News 9, over 300 dogs have been rescued and placed since the non-profit organization started. And because of Toad…the rescue group focuses on those who may be considered to be the “most un-saveable.”

In March 2018, Mutt Misfits shared Toad’s story with Facebook fans:

Oh Toad 😻 A few years ago, Toad was abandoned at a shelter. While she showed some serious scary behavior to go along with her untraditional looks at first, we (Mandy and Heather, Mutt Misfits Founders) saw that her “aggression” really just stemmed from fear! She was scared, maybe because her whole life, no one looked past her wonky exterior to see how great of a dog she could be! Toad has 2 mouths and a slew of other unique traits that will cause her medical issues from time to time but overall, she’s just a normal pup who loves her family ❤️

The unique pup who started it all

Toad truly is one of a kind – her mouth ear has teeth…and it occasionally drools. Her veterinarian suspects that Toad got her unique features after absorbing a twin in utero.

Looks aside, Toad is her human mom’s special girl. Hernandez told the news agency, “A lot of people say she’s ugly and I get it, I say it in jest. But ultimately, I think she’s absolutely perfect.”

Follow the good work of Mutt Misfits on Facebook here.

(Photo/video via Facebook)

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  1. LESLIE M says:

    Ms Toad…i think you are a princess. And your family is as amazing as you. You will be the perfect poster-pup for your rescue. We are all perfect for someone. You go sweets happy life to all ? **LOVE CONQUERS ALL**


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