Dog with no front legs found panting along with other pups in U-Haul

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In North Smithfield, Rhode Island, a dog with no front legs could be seen panting in the front seat of a hot U-Haul trailer at a Walmart parking lot on Friday afternoon. Four other dogs were left in a crate after the owner left for about an hour and a half with the door shut and the windows rolled up. They were covered in their own urine.

According to 10News, North Smithfield Police arrived and arrested the owner, but would not elaborate on the charges. Shoppers in the area came to the rescue of the dogs and gave them water. Animal Control officers stated it was a miracle the dogs were still alive and had not suffered from heat stroke.

It is illegal in Rhode Island to leave animals in hot vehicles. The dogs are now in the care of t he North Smithfield Animal Control.

What was that man thinking? The current heat wave is affecting most of the United States, and t he National Weather Service continues to give out heat advisories and watches for nearly 200 million people in the Midwest, South and East Coast.

(Photo of dog in crate via video freeze shot by Alyssa Mastrorilli)

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