Dog died after walking in extreme heat

Dog walked in extreme heat has died

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A dog, who was taken out by a dog walker in extreme heat, has died. As reported by the Daily Mail, the greyhound named Speedy suffered kidney failure and died after his dog walker took him out for a walk on Tuesday.

Speedy initially seemed okay after the walk, but he kept panting into the night and then suffered a seizure, reports Metro U.K. The ailing dog was taken to Medivet in Hampstead, London, where he was hosed down and hydrated with I.V. fluids. Speedy had to receive a plasma transfusion and was placed into critical care, but the heat had already irreparably damaged his organs.

Tethered dog died in extreme heat

Speedy’s owner, Karen Pierce, is abroad – she has expressed anger that the dog walker took her pet out into the heat. She told the news agency, “Speedy should not have been taken out in these high temperatures as he is particularly sensitive to heat. ‘He was loaded into a van with a number of other dogs whose body temperatures must have made him suffer terribly.”

Pet owners should know the signs of over heating in dogs – symptoms can include: Excessive panting, bright red tongue and gums, drooling, dry nose, lethargy, weakness and dizziness.

(Screenshot via Metro U.K.)

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2 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    I hope Speedy’s family can sue this awful dog walker……. NO amount of money replaces the love and companionship of a precious treasure…….. but there should be justice for Speedy……

    This useless POS dog walker has a reserved spot in Hell where he/she will burn forever for his/her cruelty……… can fix many things but you can’t fix stupid…….

    Speedy, so sorry you were failed by your boarding human, who should have loved and protected you…… I know you are in Heaven. Please look for MacKitty and join his wonderful snuggle buddies group and RIP amongst loving friends…….


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