Dog trembled and whined after found injured in Houston dumpster

A two-year-old dog trembled and whined on Saturday evening after a Good Samaritan found her in a dumpster in an apartment complex in Northwest Houston. The dog suffered from head trauma and there she laid, barely able to move – surrounded by trash.

According to the A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue, the dog, dubbed Karma was immediately transferred to an emergency veterinarian facility where she was shaking and in obvious pain from trauma to her face. Dark streaks of blood stained the fur on her face which was swollen on both sides; more blood dripped from her nose. One eye was cloudy, indicating a loss of vision while her other eyelid protruded.

Karma was able to stand, however she repeatedly spun in circles indicating a loss of balance possibly the result of her head trauma.

“…We picked her up and carried her to the car. She trembled and whined during the drive. It was obvious that this girl was in a lot of pain. She was found just in time and was very weak. Karma would not have lasted much longer, bleeding out in the cold,” the rescue organization posted on social media.


Although it is still uncertain what may have caused Karma’s injuries, it is likely a small hole could have been caused by a small caliber bullet.

“What we do know is that this abuse was intentional. This dog had an owner. She is spayed and microchipped, but unfortunately, the emergency vet clinic could not read the chip. .. The bottom line is that Karma was abused and left to die. She did not get in that dumpster on her own.”

Unfortunately Karma’s condition has worsened. She is fighting for her life. Sunday’s update is as follows:

“Karma was admitted to new emergency clinic early this morning for a second opinion. Even after the first initial pain treatment, Karma could not get comfortable through the night. She tossed and turned in her bed, and cried softly in her sleep. She eliminated her bowels on herself and began to shake. There was just no way that we could have managed her condition on only oral medications. She needed to be hospitalized immediately.

Karma was immediately started on IV l pain medications at the new clinic. She had developed significant swelling in her brain through the night, and appeared dizzy and disoriented. The swelling was caused by whatever trauma she suffered, and her symptoms coincide with significant neurological damage. Karma was placed on a drug to reduce the swelling in her brain. Her face was covered with a pheromone towel to help ease her stress. We got there just in time, and spent the majority of the afternoon waiting for updates.”

Her condition worsened during the day:

“Throughout the day, Karma began to regurgitate and was clearly uncomfortable. After pain medication, she has been able to get up and walk to relieve herself, but began to spin in circles. She became clearly uncomfortable after a short time and began to regurgitate. A nasogastric tube was placed to drain the contents of her stomach. Karma was also given anti-seizure medication, which finally helped her dizziness and rest peacefully.

She will not eat on her own at all, so Karma is now being tube fed to help her keep her strength. Additionally, Karma’s left eye has now filled with blood, and the retina is no longer visible. Blindness in the damaged eye may be permanent, but only time will tell.”

Karma will be transferred to Texas A&M in College Station, Texas for an MRI and consultation with a veterinary neurologist.

A $1,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for this animal cruelty.

Houston’s Animal Cruelty Task Force

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