Dog trainer arrested for animal cruelty

Dog trainer arrested for animal cruelty – accused of torturing a dog

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A dog trainer in Atlanta, Georgia, has been arrested and is facing animal cruelty charges for allegedly torturing a dog. As reported by the Atlanta Journal Constitution, 48-year-old Dondi Shannon Brinson was arrested on Sunday on two counts of aggravated animal cruelty.

According to the news agency, Brinson allegedly tortured a Belgian Malinois named Samson in the fall of 2018. The arrest warrant states that Brinson,

“a self-proclaimed professional dog trainer…did maliciously torture Samson by the infliction of severe and prolonged physical pain, by unjustifiably depriving said dog of adequate food while under his care,”

Brinson allegedly went against the dog owner’s wishes and implemented “aggression training,” during which Samson fractured his jaw. Brinson then allegedly withheld veterinary care for the injured dog. The warrant states that Brinson:

“failed to provide veterinary care for the injury sustained during this incident, which then resulted in permanent disfiguration as well as unnecessary pain and suffering,”

Brinson was booked into the Cobb County Jail.

(Booking photo via AJC/Cobb County Sheriff’s Office)

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  1. debbie hunter says:

    A law has passed that animal cruelty is now a federal offense, Give this CREEP the maximum prison
    time. And torture him and deprive him of food like he did to this dog. Hope this fur baby is ok.


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