Man who let dog freeze to death might face charges

Dog thrown into the trash after being left outside to freeze to death

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This week, a dog, left to suffer an agonizing death in the bitter cold, was picked up and thrown into the trash like worthless garbage in Indianapolis, Indiana. The grim discovery was shared with followers of the Indianapolis Animal Care Services Facebook page on Wednesday. The animal welfare agency explained the difficult day:

Today was a hard day, not only as an employee of Animal Care Services, but also as an animal lover and advocate. Despite all of the warnings, people are still leaving animals outside in these deadly temperatures. The animals we encountered today, can’t tell their stories, that’s why we need to be their voice.

Our last call was the hardest one to stomach, and definitely one that will stay with me forever.

The painful details

That final, painful call involved a person who left his dog outside in the frigid weather, with nothing more than a wooden dog house for shelter; that structure offered nothing to offset the freezing conditions.

By the time morning came, the dog had frozen to death. The animal welfare agency wrote:

While that is truly horrific, what the owner did next is even worse. He picked up the dog and threw it away in a dumpster, as if its life meant nothing. When we found the dog, it was emaciated and covered in trash. The small area where the dog spent its last hours had a frozen water bowl and gave you a glimmer of the painful days and nights it suffered before freezing to the ground of its doghouse.

The dog suffered horribly…beyond the obvious neglect, the dog endured extreme loneliness and despair. Knowing that nobody cared about his life – nobody cared if he suffered. Nobody heard his cries. Nobody saw his pain.

For those who live in the Indianapolis area, animal care services hopes that you will reach out if you see an animal suffering:

If you see an animal left out in the cold, please call the Mayor’s Action Center at 317-327-4622. If it’s at night, call 317-327-3811. If you are a pet owner who can’t afford to take care of your pet in this weather, there are resources available to help you. Please reach out and ask for help before it’s too late.

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Beautiful playtime in the snow

Wow – just wow!


14 replies
  1. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Anybody out there still wonder why I hate people so much? Because if you do I really don’t have the time to explain to you why I, for the most part, hate people. Things like this are becoming more commonplace than not.

    • Animals#1 says:

      I’m with you Gizmos Mommy. I hate the human race more and more each day because of the horrible abuse to the innocent animals of this earth for nothing because they get away with it. I believe eye for an eye because the they should suffer as their victims.

  2. Vz says:

    How hard is it to take your dog inside? Please investigate this case. This negligent owner needs a five year prison sentence and a ban from keeping all animals for life.

  3. Vicki says:

    Rest In Peace, sweetheart. Unless I missed it, nothing was mentioned about prosecuting the scum responsible for this dog’s death. The story can’t just end here.

  4. pennysdachunds says:

    WTF!!!!!!WTF!!!!! IS WRONG with the authorities that they didn’t PRESS CHARGES with felony animal abuse and neglect on the MOTHER FUC*ER that DDID the and allowed this to happen over a period of time….. They will only go out and get another dog to Torture!!!!

  5. maxiemom says:

    l really hope they’re going to charge the POS owner for this. This isn’t just cruel or even abuse: it’s the vile act of a callous monster, someone who has no business having pets or even children. The fiend belongs in jail where he can never do this to another living soul.

    This is why the proposed law to make animal cruelty a federal felony needs to pass. Too many states just don’t take it seriously.

  6. Rose says:

    We’re the ones who dubbed them man’s best friend but we sure as hell don’t treat them like they are. Rest in peace beautiful. You’re in a much better place now.

  7. Vada C Neeley says:

    All living things come from the same light …only those who go to the Rainbow Bridge are favored by the Grandfather …Always stay warm inside the lights my sweet love <3 You are grieved by real people still here in this awful place where you were betrayed…


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