dog shot and attacked with an ax

Dog survives being shot and attacked with an ax

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A dog in Missouri is fighting to recover after being shot and attacked with an ax. Against all odds, the dog, a pit bull dubbed Bert, somehow managed to survive the vicious attack. On January 4, his story was recounted on the Mac the pitbull Facebook page:

So a pitbull that was shot in the face which destroyed his bottom jaw as many as a few months ago and left untreated -he didn’t die.

So a pitbull who got hit with an ax in the head right between his eyes and also on his shoulder and was left to rot to death -he didn’t die.

So a pitbull who ended up rescued by awesome ladies and ended up at a local vet with these terribly rotted injuries and they had the euthanasia syringe pulled up but he walked and ate so we rescuers said no -he didn’t die

So a pitbull who ended up at the state of the art 24 hour er specialty clinic and they pushed for us to euthanize because the injuries are so devastating which we get BUT we fought for him to have a chance and at least 24 hours since he WALKED into the clinic -he didn’t die.

This morning he still -didn’t die. He is hanging on and has such a tremendous will to live. We know he is critical and he may be called to the bridge at any point, but not until he tells us and right now he says, I GOT THIS. He is one pitbull strong dude with so many amazing animal lovers backing us and helping us to fund this super expensive TRY. Thank you from him and me and mom…. he is SUPERMAN if you ask me. He will teach us all something.

An update

On January 5, an update was posted on the Facebook page about the injured dog:

BERT UPDATE!!!! He is cranky today but you would be too if you had been chopped in the head and shoulder with an ax and shot in the mouth. He will get anesthetized to get his wounds redressed. We are Bert Strong here!!! And they kept Joe to be observed because he keeps acting like he is tanking. These silly boys!!!

And a call for justice

On Tuesday morning, a call for justice:

This dog by everyone’s experience should be DEAD but Bert is proving to be super pitbull strong. He was shot in the mouth weeks ago xrays show which has blown apart half of his jaw and was not repaired. Then Bert was recently hit with what everyone thinks is probably an axe square in his face and along his shoulder and left to rot and suffer. This is a horrifying crime that will eventually happen to humans by the coward that did this.

We are angry. We feel we know who did this and are waiting for a call back from authorities who keep blowing the reporter of this obvious crime off. We will get big and ugly if not responded to in a timely manner. This happened in Mississippi County near Charleston Missouri. 


Bert continues to fight to recover from his gruesome injuries. Donations for his ongoing care are being collected at the Mac the pitbull Facebook page – click here.

(Image of Bert via Mac the pitbull Facebook page)

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