Dog surrendered to shelter with note saying he was ‘unadoptable’

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Freddy (aka Dusty) found himself in a city shelter in the San Antonio, Texas. His former owners surrendered the adorable little guy accompanied by a letter stating he was “unadoptable.”

Freddy now has a promising future thanks to Hand-Me Down Hounds, who took a chance on him. He has been in their care for over a month and gets along with other dogs and loves meeting new people. There is a possible adopter who has made plans to meet him.

“When we look at the countless emails of dogs having 10 minutes before euthanasia, or walk down the aisle of thousands of dogs in kennels on death row … we see past the timid and scared,” the organization posted on Facebook.

“We see past the thousands of dollars in medical bills or months working with behavior modification to see the dog’s potential capacity for a good life. Seeing them out of the shelter and in a home makes all the work and heartache worth it.”

Look at Freddy and consider what could have happened to him. Any donation or share to support this organization will help them handle the more difficult cases that so often wind up in euthanasia –  over a life that could have been saved.

“Since Freddy has such a meme-able face … drop your meme’s on the Hands-Me Down Hounds Facebook page.”

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  1. Thank you dearest hero rescuers! What GALL of the owner playing GOD and
    labeling this little sweetheart “unadoptable”! Let’s label the owner “DERANGED”!

  2. That poor, precious little treasure…… my instinct is to want to snuggle him and reassure him that the world is “OK”……
    He is welcome to join our Puppy Pack anytime!!!!!!!!


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