Dog skeletal after being abandoned by family

Dog skeletal after family moved out of home, leaving him behind

A dog is skeletal after his family moved away, abandoning him inside of their Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, home. On September 2, the Fon du Lac Humane Society posted images of the emaciated dog, writing:

This is what happens when a person moves out of an apartment/house and leaves the pet behind. The Fond du Lac Police Department is currently investigating the Who, How and Why.

While the case is investigated, the animal welfare agency is working on a slow reintroduction of food for the skeletal dog, who could suffer severe medical issues if he eats too quickly.

The shelter explains:

We have, since yesterday, been feeding him very small amounts of food and water around the clock to try and keep him from dying of bloat, and we are just starting the long and daunting task of reversing the effects of starvation, severe dehydration and emaciation.

Anyone interested in helping with the ongoing veterinary care for this dog can donate to the Sweetie Medical Fund at this link.

(Images via FB)

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