Man stood on corner with sign to reunited lost dog with her owner

Dog reunited with owner after man stands on corner with sign

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A lost dog was reunited with her owner thanks to one man who went above and beyond to get her back home. As reported by multiple sources, Jason Gasparik found the meandering chocolate Labrador retriever in Charlotte, North Carolina, last Friday and he was determined to get her back to her owner.

Gasparik began his quest to get the pup home in the typical way…posting “found dog” photos to social media accounts, but the pages and groups failed to turn up the dog’s owner. So Gasparik made a sign which read. “Do you know this lost dog??” and stood on a street corner, for two days, until he hit pay dirt.

Finally, a woman reached out to Gasparik with what he was waiting for – information about the dog’s owner, reports WCNC News. The break in the case came on Sunday – Gasparik learned that the dog, whose name is Roxy, belonged to a man named Ed who had been searching for her since Thursday. The woman who contacted Gasparik had been approached by Ed while walking her own dog – when he asked if she’d seen a wandering Labrador retriever, she recalled the photos on social media and made the connection.

Gasparik verified that Ed was the owner (through paperwork and photos) and the pair were finally back together.

By the way…Roxy had a microchip, but the information was not up to date. Please ensure that your pets have identification tags with contact information AND a microchip with his current with appropriate name and phone number to make reunions like this possible.

(Screenshot via WCNC News)

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3 replies
  1. Pennysdachshunds says:

    This YOUNG MAN is WHAT ALL of AMERICAN”S should be ABOUT!!! This young Man can stand Proud!! So glad he was able to fine this Gentle Dog her Owner!!

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Kudos to Jason Gasparik for going above and beyond to find this dog’s owner. Most would have just taken the dog to the nearest dog shelter and left it to them to find the owner. And bless the woman who remembered “Ed” was looking for his precious dog. So glad there was a happy ending to this story.


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