dog rescued from train tracks

Dog rescued from train tracks in New Jersey

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A small dog is safe and waiting to be reunited with his owner after a train conductor saved him from train tracks in New Jersey. As reported by New Jersey News 12, Anthony Guzman, a train engineer, spotted the wayward pup on the tracks near Newark and decided to follow the pooch until the train needed to be stopped.

Fortunately, the little dog finally got tired and Guzman was able to get off of the train and whisk him to safety. The dog was taken in at the Secaucus Animal Shelter for safe keeping – staff at the shelter is hoping to find the pup’s owner.

The Friends of the Secaucus Animal Shelter posted a photo of the rescued pup on its Facebook page on Tuesday afternoon and wrote:

I was found on the train tracks near Newark/Harrison
I am safe now
Please share my picture to find my owner

Do you recognize this dog? If so, please contact the  Secaucus Animal Shelter at 201-348-3213.

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