Dog pushed and twisted into a crate dumped on side of road

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Early Sunday evening, a woman spotted a dog dumped in a crate in Anson County, North Carolina. The dog could not walk or stand, and he desperately cried out in pain hoping someone – anyone would help him.

“He’s twisted like a pretzel & could not right himself & he’s cold to the touch!,” an animal advocate posted on Rescue Dogs Rock NYC’s Facebook page as the organization hurriedly made arrangements to transport the dog to an emergency veterinarian hospital.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Now named Boomer, the Boxer made it through the night. He has had been seen by a neurologist and has had diagnostics including blood work and X-rays. His symptoms are neurological, but the cause is not known.


Boomer cannot stand or walk. The only way to get more information on his condition is to perform an MRI today and hopefully get some answers.

Here is Boomer now:


To donate and help:

(Cost of an MRI $2500-3500) in addition to all of the other tests, care and medication to make Boomer comfortable. or
or checks to:
Rescue Dogs Rock NYC
PO Box 101
New York, NY 10028

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Dear God, I pray You find the evil doers in this massively CORRUPT, VIOLENCE DOMINATED North Carolina with sink holes, relentless rain, ceaseless flooding, repeating tornadoes/hurricanes that bring an incurable flesh eating bacterial disease. Most righteous Lord, I’d appreciate special interest be given to the CORRUPT law enforcement and the remedial turd judges who let these VILE THUGS off with impunity by finding THEIR homes and children with TORTUROUS deaths. Only YOU have the POWER to send the message necessary to REMIND these EVIL, WHITE heathens who is ACTUALLY IN CHARGE. Thank you God for Your strong hand of JUSTICE! I remain loyal, strong and loving, willing to fight to the DEATH for YOUR word.


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