Dog owner spots her dog left alone on hot tarmac at Sydney airport

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A dog owner from Sydney was horrified after spotting her dog sitting in a cage on the hot tarmac at a Sydney airport. The dog’s owner, Lucy Shearer, had been told by Virgin Australia that her dog would be under the guidance of personnel in an air-conditioned room before the flight boarding.

According to Yahoo News, Frankie, a Cavoodle [cross Cavalier spaniel and poodle] and another dog were left out in the sun on the hot tarmac during a 45 minute flight delay. On her Facebook page, Lucy wrote a scathing post:

“I am so upset right now … looked out the window and can see him sitting on the tarmac. Considering recent events you think our treasured pets would be looked after correctly.”

Just a week ago, a devastated family arrived at the airport in Sydney after Christmas to find out their pet French bulldog had died on the hot tarmac while waiting to be loaded onto a Virgin Australia flight. Kristina and Neil Maccabee had returned from visiting family and always took their dog with them.

“He was our family; he came everywhere with us, every moment shared,” stated Kristina. “We love him more than anything and we are completely devastated.”

Lucy’s post was shared on the Virgin Australia Facebook page, and a representative from the company responded after many angry social media users expressed their outrage. The airlines transport 65,000 pets every year and explained that all pets are held in the Baggage Makeup Area with trained personnel until the animals are ready to board.

“It only takes a few minutes to load pets onto the aircraft and they are only brought out onto the tarmac when they are required for loading.”

The airlines claim they follow the highest of safety standards when transporting pets. Fortunately Frankie was reunited with his owner.

The investigation into the  recent death of French bulldog, Bruno has concluded and the airlines have been in contact with the owners.

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3 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Obviously since a dog has already died from sitting on the tarmac, I don’t blame the owners of these dogs for being upset. I don’t care how many pets they have transported, ONE dying is TOO many. I would like to know what the investigation into the recent death of French bulldog, Bruno actually concluded what were the results and were the owners compensated in some way?

  2. Bev Woodburn says:

    Virgin Australia, must be brought to Justice and made to compensate the owners of the precious dogs and the other precious dogs or any innocent animal left on the tarmac and died.I don’t care how many dogs Virgin take. Not one of these precious dogs should have died or suffered because of there deliberate neglect of these precious and innocent animals. Virgin Australia, you are an absolute disgrace. You have know excuse for this neglect of such precious and innocent
    sentient beings. They deserve the same treatment as the human beings who are using your company. Bloody disgraceful.
    These precious and innocent sentient beings are beloved members of their families and must be treated the same as their beloved families.
    You make me sick Virgin. I will never fly with Virgin or allow my precious and well loved dogs or cats to fly by Virgin. Arseholes that is what you are.


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