Dog owner pleads with robber to return last photos of her dying dog

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A dog owner in Canada is pleading with the robber who stole her camera during a robbery at her home to return the memory card from her camera. The woman’s heartbreaking photos of her dogs last days alive were captured in time, and the memories are what she misses the most.

Saoirse Morgan saw the note from the brokenhearted dog owner and decided to help out by posting a photo of the note she spotted taped on a lamp post and posted it to Facebook.

“To the man who was in my house and robbed me. Keep the cash, and my DSLR, and whatever else you took. But if you have the memory card from the camera, please, it has photos of my dog’s last day alive on it,” the note read.

“I cannot replace those photos. Please throw it on to the porch or put it in the mail slot. Or mail it. Please. She died a few days ago. I cannot lose those photos as well.”

Morgan found the note at Bloor and Landsdowne and hoped the robber would do the “right thing.” The note included a phone number.

The Facebook post has received more than 31,000 comments and has been shared 45,000 times.

Let’s hope the robber does do the right thing.

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4 replies
  1. Jan Barnes says:

    I know EXACTLY how she feels–I would do the same thing.
    Praying HARD she gets the photos back. Please keep us updated.

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    Just thought of something else. Every pet household should have
    cameras–they REALLY discourage burglars and trespassers.


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