Dog owner issues warning after freak accident

Dog owner issues a warning after near fatal, freak accident

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A dog owner issued a public warning after his beloved pooch nearly died in a freak accident. Facebook user Robert Wilson warned other dog owners to be aware that dog tags can slip through decking and lead to strangulation. In a public post, he explained how his dog nearly died:

Check your dog’s tags on their collars to make sure while they are laying in the sun that the tags can’t slip through cracks and get jammed. My Wicket was unconscious and bloody by the time I got him swung around enough times and got collar off. He’s gonna be ok, still at the Vets recovering but will be ok. It’s worth the time to check so you don’t watch your dog almost strangle to death in front of your eyes. Freak accidents happen!

It isn’t quite as rare as you might expect – in fact, several other people who have read Wilson’s post have shared their own tragic stories. One woman wrote:

I lost my 14 week old golden retriever puppy due to collar strangulation in his crate. His ID tag had gotten stuck in between the bars. Thank you so much for sharing your story and helping spread awareness to the issue. I’m so glad your little dog was okay. For me, it was too late. They make “break-a-way” collars sold on amazon and other online stores.

Another person wrote:

We had a freak accident with a collar with one of our dogs. We use harnesses only now. I will never put a collar on my dogs again

Multiple people thanked Wilson for sharing the frightening incident and others stated that they would no longer allow their dogs to wear collars at home. Some people suggested attaching identification tags that lay flat (with a rivet). Others recounted horror stories of their dogs playing and getting their jaw stuck in the other dog’s collar.

Be aware and do your utmost to keep your companions safe.

(Image via Robert Wilson/Facebook)

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  1. Cathy says:

    That’s why I never ever leave any collars on while my furbabies are in the house. They are put on Everytime they go out the door only and taken off as soon as we walk back in the door. They are also microchipped and updated on their register. Cause you never know.


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