Dog missing after car accident

Dog missing after terrible Arizona car accident

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On Monday, October 14, there was a terrible car accident in northern Arizona. The San Diego couple, who were driving to the Grand Canyon, were airlifted to an area hospital, and now their beloved dog Obi, is missing.

A friend of the couple turned to social media with a request for help to find the missing dog who was left behind when his owners were flown out for care:

Left behind was their sweet pup, Obi. Rescue groups have been unsuccessful in their attempts to locate him.

In the hopeful chance a good Samaritan picked him up, we are asking for help spreading the word far and wide to find him and get him home.

Critical details

The couple’s friend writes:

Obi is so special, and his parents miss their boy.

Name: Obi
Age: 2 years
Description: black lab mix, no collar
Car accident location: Northern Arizona, highway 160, milepost 384, a few miles east of Anasazi inn, toward Kayenta
Possible locations: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah

Contact information

Have you seen Obi? Please email:

Facebook thread here.

Image of Obi via Facebook

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