Dog can't breathe in hot car

Dog in critical condition after being saved from 123 degree car interior

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Update 8/8/19: Pedro is now in stable condition – still recovering from his ordeal at a veterinary hospital.

A dog is in critical condition after being left inside of parked car on a 90-degree day in Lakeside, Colorado. By the time that the police responded to the Walmart parking lot, the dog could barely breathe and the interior of the car had climbed over 123-degrees, reports KDVR News.

Lakeside police officer Dave Kornowski and his partner bashed out the car window to rescue the dog, whose name is Pedro. Kornowski told the news agency that the dog could not even bark because he was panting so heavily. His mouth was dry and he was lethargic. With the help of the local animal control agency, Pedro was rushed to Wheat Ridge Animal Medical Center. He is in the intensive care unit with possible neurological damage. At last report, he was described as not doing well, and in “critical condition.”

The dog’s owner returned to his car and expressed anger that his window was broken – he even tried to flee the police in his vehicle, but was apprehended. No word on what charges, if any, he will receive.

The video showing Pedro’s rescue can be viewed at this link – many people will find the footage disturbing.

(Screenshot via KDVR News)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I don’t want to hear “if any” charges he will receive. This POS left his dog to die in that car and I pray the poor thing will be alright.


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