Dog abandoned with food and toys

Dog hit by car after being abandoned with bag of food and toys

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A dog was seriously injured by a car after someone abandoned him with a bag of food and some toys. The pup, just eight to nine months of age, was left alongside a road in Gallatin County, Kentucky. On May 3, HART Cincinnati recounted what happened:

 “This boy was left on the side of the road with a bag of dog food and some toys 😞 sadly before anyone came to help he was struck by a car 😞 he has two broken femurs and needs medical attention ASAP. He will be coming to our vet in the morning from another shelter who needed help. This boy is only 8-9 months old 😞

The pup, dubbed Nike, underwent surgery in Kentucky – he is unable to bear weight on his legs and a spinal injury was suspected. According to HART, their veterinarian did not find any spinal damage, but one of the legs which was surgically repaired needed to be redone.

Nike is described as 71 lbs of “pure sweetness.” He will be recuperating in a foster home.

Donations for his care can be made at this link to HART’s website.

(Image via screenshot Fox 19)

Abandonment is a crime – this puppy was left to fend for himself and he could have been killed.

Please join us in spreading a message of love and kindness. We hope to someday see a world free from cruelty!

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