Dog groomer arrested for abusing service dog captured on graphic video

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Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey and Chief Jeff Pearson of the Satellite Beach Police Department, arrested a dog groomer on Monday afternoon for allegedly abusing a service dog on February 6. James Cordell Doughty Suthann was transported to the Brevard County Jail and charged with felony animal cruelty.

According to a press release posted on the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, the charges stem from an incident at a local pet grooming shop where Suthann worked. While grooming an eight-year-old German shepherd, Suthann became angry when the dog named “TT” would not stand still during grooming.

An in store video tells the disturbing story of Suthann abusing TT. At one point, Suthann cinches the dog’s head down so tight the dog could not move and appeared to be in pain. The groomer then grabbed the dog by the tail, lifted him off the ground and twisted TT’s tail 360 degrees – breaking her tail. The abuse continued when Suthann struck the dog in the back of the head with the nozzle from the hose he used to bathe her.

Sheriff Ivey stated he would not post the video on Facebook because it is so graphic and disturbing; stating it was “one of the most difficult things I have ever had to watch in my 39 years of Law Enforcement because of the horrific and cruel way the pet was treated.”

TT is a service dog for a disabled veteran who suffers from PTSD. The owner is devastated by the horrific acts of cruelty inflicted upon his dog. Sadly, TT had to undergo emergency surgery to amputate her tail and is now recovering.

“If you hurt an animal in Brevard County, I will personally walk you into our jail and slam the door behind you,” stated Sheriff Ivey. …Chief Pearson and I were waiting to personally walk him into the jail and to the Booking Desk as Chief Pearson feels the same way as I do about those that harm animals in our community.”

The grooming facility where this incident occurred had no knowledge Suthann could do this to an animal. He was immediately fired.

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9 replies
  1. yvonne Polk says:

    Some One Should KICK the S.H.I.T out S.O.B and Do The Same Thing to Him and Let Him Feel How The Dog Felt. and He Can BURN IN HELL A HOLE.

  2. maxiemom says:

    He actually broke her tail by twisting it 360 degrees? What kind of monster does a thing like that?

    To say that someone needs to take some of his extremities, whether it’s his neck, arms, legs, what have you, and do the exact same thing, would be an understatement. He deserves whatever karma inflicts upon him from now on.

  3. Victoria says:

    Five years inside, foot the bill for all the vets costs plus compensation for trauma, and a lifetime ban from owning or coming into contact with animals.

  4. Sue E. says:

    It’s easier to get video these days of a groomer abusing “a service animal” than it is to obtain footage of the police and sheriffs abusing their K9’s. The last time I showed up at a police “training field,” the place was crawling with security, people on cell phones and walkie talkies, and they took the equipment down and fled as soon as it was broadcast that I was there.

    It’s very sad about the double standard, and the lies, but there will be a higher court at the end of this journey.

  5. Jan Barnes says:

    This should be a FELONY! In any case, there. should be a MAJOR LAWSUIT, and THE LUNATIC SHOULD STAY IN JAIL. LEAVE THE REST TO THE INMATES!

  6. Addie says:

    Pray this poor girl recovers and is returned to her Vet to continue being his service dog. For the vile monster groomer, I hope those inmates in jail do to him what he did to this poor dog and make him suffer more then he could ever imagine possible. I also hope the law enforcement look the other way.

  7. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Here’s a novel idea take – that savage maggot POS, swing it around by his dick and see how it likes it. I’ll be willing to donate my services free of charge.


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