Dog found abandoned along a road in a backpack

Dog abandoned in backpack
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A small dog is recuperating after someone abandoned her in a backpack which was left alongside a road in Idaho. The West Valley Humane Society reached out to Facebook followers about the disturbing situation on January 24, writing:

Attention: We need your help!

Yesterday we received a young, Terrier/Chihuahua blend at the shelter. She was found in a rural area inside of a backpack that had been discarded on the side of the road.

According to the animal welfare agency, the discarded dog was discovered by a good Samaritan. On January 25, the shelter let page followers know that the dog has been named Zoe (pronounced Zoey), and she is an approximately 3-year-old terrier mix.

The shelter veterinary has been caring for Zoe and is trying to determine the best possible medical options for her. The shelter stated:

Zoe appears to have a right side brain lesion. Many different things could cause that and overall the prognosis of Zoe’s status is very guarded. She is being closely monitored by clinic staff and we are providing continuous extended care.
We are hoping for improvement within the next 72 hours. There are some immune mediated conditions that affect small breed dogs that can cause inflammation in the brain and can carry a poor prognosis. We do want to highlight that Zoe has no evidence of trauma.

Information needed:

Anyone who has information regarding this dog, or the owner of this dog, is asked to contact the Canyon County Sheriff Animal Control at (208) 454-7531.

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  1. I am an expert on caring for disabled furbabies. If a foster is needed, I would volunteer……
    I am in Northern California though…..


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