Dog died after man kicked him into oncoming traffic

Dog died after being kicked into traffic
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A small dog in Springfield, Missouri, is dead after a man kicked him into oncoming traffic. The cruel incident happened last Friday just in front of 14-year-old Azealia Garrison’s house. Garrison tells KY3 News that her dog, Lightning, began barking at a man who walked out of the woods. Though Lightning was still on his own property, the man allegedly walked up and kicked him into traffic.

The driver who struck the little dog with a car stopped, and the man who kicked Lightning ran away.

A police report has been filed and though the family thinks that they have seen the man before, the police have not yet confirmed his identity.

Garrison tells the news agency, “I really just want to let people know that they really need to think about their actions before they do something because they don’t understand how many people they can hurt because they don’t know the back story to peoples lives.”

(screenshot via KY3 News)

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  1. The owner says she really wants people to think about their actions before they do something because they don’t know how many people they can hurt? I’m sorry about your dog, but Zi honestly don’t think that the kind of lowlife that would do something like this actually gives a craps not only of what he did to the dog but your life and anybody else’s life who might be affected by their actions/mental disorder

  2. Prayers, hugs and love from Northern California. We are very sorry for the horrible loss of Lightning. He had his life stolen and we hope you all get justice for him.

    We know that Lightning is in Heaven. Lightning, please look for MacKitty and join his wonderful snuggle buddies group and RIP amongst loving friends…….

    As for the POS who harmed Lightning…… there is a reserved place in Hell waiting for him where he will burn forever for his cruelty.

  3. This young girl has got a lot to learn. The POS that kicked this little dog into the street to be killed, doesn’t care about her’s or anyone else’s feelings. They are a disgusting piece of humanity whose actions speak volumes for any compassion for their fellow humans, let alone a small dog. My sincere condolences, I can’t imagine losing my precious pet like this, it’s just heartbreaking and I pray they get some justice out of this!

  4. I hope the worthless piece of shit is caught! I live close to Springfield MO and ill tell you its going to sh*t real fast!!!!

    Not a doubt in my mind!!!


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