Dog buried alive discovered on Oahu beach

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A small emaciated and injured dog was discovered alive on a beach in Oahu, Hawaii on Tuesday. Found by one of PAWS of Hawaii volunteers, the dog had been buried alive.  Allegedly a man had buried her, and also had a machete to cut her up, because he didn’t want to be responsible or pay for her medical care.

“This precious girl is incredibly swollen, sunburned and missing 90% of her fur. Our entire team rushed out to pick her up,” the organization posted on Tuesday morning.

Photos of the dog posted on social media quickly went viral and sparked intense anger. The hound/pit mix is expected to make a full recovery although it could take six-months before she will be available for adoption. Meanwhile, she is eating and enjoying the attention everyone is lavishing upon her.

On Thursday, the sweet pup now named Leialoha, was given her first bath. Sadly, she has been bleeding from numerous cuts and injuries which had become infected. She has cuts on her front paws, believed to have been caused by her torturer while on the beach shortly before she was rescued.

Her rescuers have described Leialoha as a “tough girl – so strong and amazing.”

“We are certain she will bounce back. She has a follow up on Thursday to ensure she’s on the right track, receive more fluids, medicine and run more bloodwork. We are overwhelmed by the kind words and donations that came through today. So many of you were so willing to help. We have raised enough to cover Leialoha’s medical care.”

Tragically, enforcing crimes against animals are difficult in Hawaii according to Ku’ulei Durand, the Executive Director of PAWS of Hawaii. Unless there is a video of the crime, the charges are not likely to stick

Get well soon Leialoha. We will be checking back and providing updates.

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Mother and pup reunited! So sweet.

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