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Dog brought into rescue with severe facial injuries: Who hurt Bruce?

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In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, animal rescuers want to find out what happened to a dog brought into a local shelter with severe facial injuries on Monday afternoon. The dog, now dubbed Bruce, is being cared for at the Humane Animal Rescue’s East End Shelter.

According to the organization’s social media page, the City of Pittsburgh Animal Care and Control officers responded to the emergency call to pick up a stray dog in McGonigle Park who had severe injuries on his muzzle as well as missing skin from his face.

Bruce was able to walk into the shelter on his own, took treats and sought attention from the staff while veterinarians began their examination. The dog was not wearing a collar, had no identification tags and no microchip. Bruce is about two-years-old.

“Once under sedation, our veterinarian technicians assessed and cleaned his wounds, gave IV fluids and put him on a heating blanket to bring his temperature up to a normal range. Bruce has puncture wounds, scarring on his head and upper body, lacerations on his legs, a large open wound under his ear, and was facially degloved,” the Facebook post stated.

Bruce will be transferred to the Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center in the North Hills for specialized treatment. His medical expenses are expected to exceed $10,000.

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Where did it go?

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  1. pennysdachshunds says:

    99% CHANCE he was a bait Dog !!! Why because this “backass” this State of Pennsylvania Where many of out for father’s doesn’t do a DAMN THING ABOUT DOG FIGHTING RINGS!!! Why is that!!! Well maybe the answer is BECAUSE so “many ” OF THE SCUM LIVING THERE ARE INVOLVED OR KNOW WHO IS IN THIS EVIL SPORT 7 GENTLE ANIMAL’S LIKE DOUG SUFFER THE HORRIFIC SUFFERING OF BEING BRUTALIZED!!! SHAME ON EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU OUT THERE THAT IS ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN…….

  2. Nadya Wall-Rossi says:

    Pennsylvania & Blacks equals dogfighting. Why, I’m asking, do black folk find this so amusing? I don’t understand.


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