Abused and surrendered but still sweet

Dog abused by owners, surrendered and homeless, but still has a sweet demeanor

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A young dog, just four years of age, has already been abused and lost his home, but he has managed to maintain a sweet demeanor. The dog, whose name is Daniel Day Lewis, found himself a homeless pup after his owner surrendered him to the City Of San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter.

Animal control has shared information about the newly homeless dog:

“He loves to run around and swim in the creek. He loves to play with and demolish stuffed animals and chew toys. He was previously abused and was shot with a BB gun by the previous owners. He is still friendly with men, women, and children.”

This young boy has been dealt a bad hand in life and it’s time for his fortune to change. Please give him a hand by taking a moment to share his adoption information. He deserves to be cared for properly, and loved unconditionally!

ID# A114220

501c3 rescues please email the Rescue/Foster Program Coordinator Brandon directly if you have a solid foster offer already in place and are ready to tag: bweigand@sanmarcostx.gov (also CC Maria who is helping with rescue coordination – mrangel@sanmarcostx.gov)

City Of San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter
750 River Rd
San Marcos, TX 78666
(512) 805-2650
Email: animalservicesinfo@sanmarcostx.gov

Note: Please contact the shelter directly for all inquiries about this dog. The Pet Rescue Report is not the point of contact. Thank you!

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4 replies
  1. Lisbeth Pesu says:

    Poor doggie, deserves the best in life. Hope some dear person is able t take him. Reg.fr north of Sweden. Hope the people that left him gets the KARMA some day?

  2. Larry says:

    Why are these piece of crap owners not behind bars and facing felony animal cruelty charges? If authorities know what has happened to this poor dog then they need to take action. Let’s go back to the good old days of the old west and string em’ up.

  3. Diana Rowell says:

    The ONLY reason THIS continues to happen is because local communities DO NOT HOLD law enforcement/animal control (with SPECIAL REFERENCE TO LAZY WHITE MEN JUDGES) ACCOUNTABLE for dereliction of duty, that keep letting KNOWN abusers off with nothing more than a warning. Astounding that you FAIL TO SEE how this SERVES to ONLY HARM YOU and YOUR children! UNLESS the offender is NOT WHITE, THEN and ONLY then do they bring appropriate punishment forth. Perhaps when some of these VILE THUGS start BEATING and RAPING YOUR little boys and girls, you’ll ACTUALLY grow a spine, get off your LAZY butts and speak TRUTH to power. I feel sorry for your children, as they have NO CHOICE.


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