Dog abandoned at beach with 16-pound tow chain and embedded muzzle

On Friday the Pennsylvania State Police were shocked when they found a dog “in distress” on Shades Beach. The officer brought the dog to the ANNA Shelter Animal Cruelty Division and had been clearly upset by the condition of the dog and way he had been left by someone.

The dog had been abandoned at the beach with a 16-pound tow chain around his neck and a basket muzzle so tight around his face, it had become embedded behind his ears. He suffers from severe frostbite around his eyes and muzzle.

And even though someone apparently had treated this boy poorly, he allowed his rescuers to loop a leash around his neck and followed everyone into the shelter with a loose wagging tail and seemingly happy temperament.

“We carefully removed the tow chain and slowly removed the muzzle. Immediately we were thanked by kisses and full body tail wagging. Thankfully Dr. Franklin from our ANNA Wellness Center -Erie was still at the shelter and was able to evaluate him and get him started on pain medication to help him begin to heal,” the organization posted on their Facebook page along with the photos of the dog’s condition when brought to the shelter.

Officer Duckett will be investigating this disturbing animal cruelty situation. Anyone with information is asked to contact the ANNA Shelter Animal Cruelty Division.

For now, this boy is resting comfortably cuddled in a soft fluffy bed with a full belly.

Updates to follow.

To help the ANNA Wellness Center -Erie care for this pup and others in need, please click here. Why not buy a dog a new bed, send over some needed supplies to the shelter or donate funds to this fine organization?

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