Disturbing viral video shows man shooting a dog that had been wagging his tail

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A disturbing video posted online shows a man in northern Georgia shooting a dog with a pistol as the pup laid on the ground wagging her tail. The incident was recorded by cell phone and posted to Facebook on Wednesday. On Friday, the video was turned over to law enforcement.

According to Wrcbtv, the man seen in the video shot the dog five times, but has since insisted he does not like to kill things, and the real story was that the dog had been suffering from parvo virus. According to the shooter, the owner of the dog had called him and asked him to put her dog down. He stated he had no idea he was being recorded.

“It was my first time doing it and I didn’t know a perfect way,” the shooter stated. “I tried my best and I messed up and that’s on me. I mean, I was just trying to do the humane and right thing. I am not doing this for fun.”

“5shots &he still waging his tail while I was digging the hole I wish it was me — — the world,” he wrote, later explaining that the dog had been sick and he wanted to “stop the suffering.”

“but after5bullets that dog bleed to death while I was digging it’s grave,” Tipton wrote.

Chief Deputy Jimmy Davenport most likely will press charges against the two men – the person who shot the dog and the person who recorded the video. Davenport says the person who shot the video, Jeremy Tipton, is one of the suspects; the other person’s identity has not been confirmed.

“You can tell from the video this dog was suffering. Unfortunately, he felt all of that pain.” Bob Citrullo, Executive Director for the Humane Educational Society of Hamilton County says they provide low-cost euthanasia. Shooting a dog to end its life is cruel.”

For $25. the dog could have humanely been put to sleep instead of suffering as shown in the video.

The Murray County Animal Shelter Community Information posted the following message regarding this terrible situation:

“We are aware and sickened by the Facebook video that has surfaced of the man shooting a dog. We take any cruel action made toward the animals in this county very seriously.

With that being said this case has been turned over to the Murray County Sheriff’s Office for investigation. Please give the Detectives time to investigate the matter and trust that they will take the appropriate action.

We will update as we are given any information that can be made public.

~Lisa Green, Director
Murray County Animal Control”

Disturbing video can be viewed at this link.

Cruelty to animals is a misdemeanor in Georgia. If convicted, defendants must pay a fine not to exceed $1,000 and/or serve up to 12 months in jail.

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Can you imagine?!

Puppy mill heartbreak

13 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    SMH: beyond disgusting and unnecessarily cruel.
    I did NOT watch this video. Just thinking about what this poor furbaby suffered is horrifying….. Why didn’t they take the furbaby to a veterinary clinic?

    Those two POSs deserve prison time…… They will burn in Hell forever for their cruelty. Here’s hoping they get there ASAP after dying horrible, painful, terrifying deaths (& they will be unloved & treated after their deaths as vile toxic waste)……. won’t be missed by anyone other than their internet providers….

    Precious little treasure, your life was stolen from you (& your life mattered). I am absolutely heartbroken for your trauma & death.

    Please look for MacKitty in Heaven and he will welcome you into his snuggle buddies group. You can RIP amongst his loving friends……..

  2. Pamela Garlisch says:

    I can never understand why people have an animal but they think they can’t “afford” humane euthanasia if the animal cannot truly be cured. If they can afford food then they can do what’s right for the animal. I hope they get some serious jail time for being so stupid. RIP furbaby you didn’t deserve this!

  3. Adrienne says:

    Prison time for all 3- the owner, the one who shot the dog 5 times and the one who took the pictures/video. All need to be charged and prosecution to the maximum for all 3 brainless, morons. Could have paid a vet the euthanize a pup who had parvo and that would have been it. Some vets try to save dogs with parvo depending on how far along it is and then the owner would have relinquished ownership to the vet. There would have been no criminal charges if these cretins had done things legally. Leave them in jail with Bubba and let him take care if them.

  4. Denise Moore says:

    The humane thing to do would have been to take her to a veterinarian to be put done without the terrorizing .the dog, no one loved the dog, RIP furkid…Come on dude do you have no clue, you story is bullshit you have no clue what compassion is ! You two men should rot in he!!

  5. LizzieBorden says:

    I call BS on his story! 5 bullets?! I don’t see how he could not have known how to end her suffering without causing suffering! He needs to be charged!

  6. Gizmos Mommy says:

    So the maggot didn’t know he was being recorded??? Like that would have made a difference. That is a fuckin wild-ass story if I ever heard one. And those two savages need to be executed. Period, end of discussion. They knew exactly what they were doing. And they were doing it for fuckin fun. I didn’t see the video and I don’t think I could handle seeing the video. It would tear me apart and then I’d want to go back to Georgia and tear those two assholes apart. Or better yet stick a firecracker up their ass and then light it.

  7. Susan M. Froman says:

    I hope you die a VERY SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH you POS!!!! I hope the people who say they care for you shows you a lack of compassion and let you rot!!!!

  8. Betty says:

    You piece of SHIT
    Parvo can be cure too and to the F**king owner I hope you rot in hell
    You and your asshole friend
    Rest in piece sweetheart

  9. Lawrence Cline says:

    Whats just as disturbing is the humain society response of $25 00 to euthanize. If their so humain why not free ?


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